Completing the packaging solution.

Proper unitizing is essential in order to deliver a top quality product. All of Calpine's locations stock many of these necessary items. From pallets to straps, Calpine has what you need in order to secure your produce for transporting, including:



A good structure is only as good as its foundation. The foundation begins with high quality pallets that are assembled in Calpine's Fresno and Delano pallet facilities. All new pallets are certified "Heat-treated" with branding, ink-jet printing and stenciling available. Please feel free to challenge our grading: "it is the best in the business."


...wrapping and adhering devices.

After the solid foundation has been established, easy-to-use and strong tying and wrapping devices are required in order to keep the pallet stack safe. Pre-cuts, rolled strapping and stretch film along with corner boards and/or tie strips will help complete the job. Finally, to meet the needs of certain truckloads, Calpine can also provide car strips, air bags and dunnage.