Inner Packaging

Helping to protect and display your produce.

Fresh fruits and vegetables require several types of packaging inside the master shipping containers. Many of these items are stocked in Calpine distribution center locations where the items are used regularly. These packaging elements perform the following tasks:


...securing and cushioning.

Many commodities require inside packaging to help protect the product from bruising. Examples of these elements include form fitted plastic trays, top and bottom pads and sleeves.


...product separation.

Simple packing products like dividers and sheets are often necessary for separation and are easily supplied from Calpine's distribution centers.


...bundling devices.

Items such as twist ties, rubber bands and bunch tags are often key to your operation. Calpine has great relationships with these suppliers and can help to get the volume that customers need to the field.


...consumer packaging.

Consumer packaging continues to rise every year in popularity. Calpine has the experience necessary to provide everything from baskets, clamshells, bags and stand-up pouches that will help you to sell your product. We will work with you to make sure that your product sells quicker and our graphic designer has been well known to design consumer packaging that stands out on the shelf.


...treatment and atmosphere changing products.

Items such as SO2 pads and liners or oxygen and/or ethylene changing devices that modify respiration and ripening rates are readily available for table grapes.