Providing the best selection of containers.

Annually, Calpine provides over 75 million containers to the fresh produce, dried fruit and nut industries. The majority of containers are sold to Calpine's main market of California, Arizona and Northern Mexico. However, due to the specialized nature of certain industries, many containers are also shipped to other states as well as Canada. Our main focuses of expertise have allowed Calpine to become experienced and knowledgeable in the following areas:



Calpine has the unique ability to provide the right corrugated container to fit the packaging requirements of every fruit and vegetable shipper at a price that is competitive with any available source of supply, whether manufacturer or distributor. In fact, Calpine has the ability to work with many manufacturing sources of supply in order to obtain the best possible pricing. Corrugated is truly Calpine's specialty and our team is more than equipped to help create a solution that works for your operation.


...corrugated plastic.

Calpine works exclusively with Surpack in Peru to bring corrugated plastic containers to the USA for our customers. Specializing in asparagus containers, Calpine supplies millions of plastic corrugated asparagus and grape containers annually to Mexico, Canada and many parts of California.



Calpine carries a variety of totes for everything from grape storage to one way shipping. Calpine has the ability to purchase from many vendors and supply exactly what the customer is looking for. In recent years, Calpine has been working exclusively with Macro Plastics to market and sell a couple of their smaller totes. Calpine was influtential in developing the totes with user input and believes they will be an asset to the industry. Calpine continues strong relationships with many vendors and is capable of getting the best tote for your operation.



Calpine has been a leading supplier in wooden boxes since 1895 with a history as a major developer of wood and wood-veneer shipping containers. For those shippers using wooden containers, Calpine remains a major supplier. quality. Calpine strongly feels that providing top quality containers to the fresh fruit and vegetable industries is an art. It must include the correct balance of consideration towards cost, performance, on-time delivery and graphic appeal. Calpine strives everyday to be a company that works quickly, efficiently and competitively.