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The truest test in any business is whether customers return year after year. At Calpine, we like to believe that our customers do return and have been for a long time. Part of Calpine's service is offering purposely placed facilities that can conveniently serve you wherever you are located. With 9 locations across California and Arizona, our friendly and helpful staff can handle a job of any size and will ensure that you receive the best possible packaging solution.


3191 E. Central Ave.
Fresno, CA 93725 Get Directions
Phone 559-237-3147 | Fax 559-237-0693
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We have been doing business in the area for almost 100 years and our Fresno location has been a part of our business since before 1950. It remains the oldest location still in operation to date. Our main pallet yard is located in Fresno and helps supply new, heat treated pallets to many of our customers in California and Arizona. We have a wide range of products in stock to offer materials you need when you need them.